What to see in Marrakech? | The best tourist cities around Marrakech.

The cities to see arround Marrakech

From the Atlantic Ocean to the desert, passing through the High Atlas Mountains, touristic cities and towns near Marrakech offer several possibilities for day trips in Around.

The port city of Essaouira

Essaouira is an ancient city, tourist and port of Morocco. It is located around Marrakech 170 km to the Atlantic coast and 3 hours drive.

Points of interest :

Visit Essaouira is one of the essential excursions from Marrakech. A historic Moroccan city apart. Highlights: Its medina, peaceful, and well animated. Its Old Port converted into a fishing port. Its ramparts recall the style of the European fortifications of the Middle Ages. Its moderate climate almost all the year …

Mouettes | port Essaouira
Mouettes | port Essaouira
What to visit?
  • The medina, its monuments and its atmosphere
  • The typical fishing port
  • The beach and its tourist attractions
  • Art galleries and craft workshops of the cedar.
  • Sqala
  • The ancient Mellah (Jewish Quarter)
  • The Notre-Dame church
  • Purpurary Islands
How to access it?


  • Highway A8 (70km) + express R207 (100km).


  • Bus: Marrakech Bus Station and CTM Station.Ticket: 80-> 95 DH.
  • Collective taxi: Marrakech Bus Station, Ticket: 100 DH.
  • Rental car: From 300Dh / day.
  • Organized tour: Day trip from Marrakech (from 300DH / person).

The city of Ouarzazate

Peaceful desert city, Ouarzazate is 4 hours drive on the other side of the Atlas Mountains. A must for tourists to go to the desert from Marrakech.

points of interest:

To visit Ouarzazate: It is to pass through the mountains of the Atlas to the Sahara. You can already admire the kasbahs, palm groves and oases of Morocco desert.

the 7 best places you can visit in Ouarzazate is its surroundings on a day trip.
  • Palm grove Skoura
  • Kasbah Ait Benhaddou
  • Casbah Taourirt
  • Cinematographic Studios
  • Oasis of Fint in the close vicinity of Ouarzazate
  • Dam Lake Al Mansour Eddahbi
  • Kasbah Tifoultoute
How to access it?


  • National No 9. (196 km)


  • Bus: Marrakech Bus Station, Supratours Station, CTM Station. Ticket: 60-> 90 DH.
  • Collective taxi: Marrakech Bus Station, Ticket: 120DH.
  • Rental car: from 300Dh / d
  • Organized tour: Day trip from Marrakech (from 600DH / person).