Que voir Dans la médina Marrakech?

Activity to do absolutely in Marrakech: Visit the monuments and tourist sites of the medina.
The travel themes to discover in this walk: History, culture, architecture, crafts, gastronomy, shopping and souks.Which routes?, How long?and how much does that cost?

Top things to do in Medina of Marrakech.
Itinerary and good plans.

Royal monuments

the tour starts from the southern area of the medina. The first tourist site that imposes itself by its size and the delicacy of its engraving is Bab Agnaou. A monumental gate built by the Almohade. Once emancipated, we are already in the neighborhood of the Kasbah. One can visit there especially the tombs of the kings of the Saadian dynasty. And contemplate from the outside one of the oldest mockery of Marrakech: Mosque of the Kasbah.

The palace district.

Via an alley recently laid out for tourist routes, we joined the southeast zone of the medina of Marrakech. Two beautiful palaces to see around. They testify about two different periods of the history of Marrakech:

  • Bahia palace : the remains of an immense palace of royal receptions. Built around 1600 by the kings of the Saadian dynasty.
  • The Bahia Palace: is built by a former vizier of the Sultan in the late 19th century. Given the good state of its conservation, it is almost a museum of Moroccan architecture and decoration.

On site, we make a detour to the Mellah (Old Jewish Quarter of Marrakech). It is a place that testifies about the Jewish existence in Morocco.
We explore its narrow streets and typical shops. It is a space that enchants the sense of smell, because here, most of the traders are sellers of spices and herbalists.

Good for coffee break:
The garden of Sidi Hmed Al Kamel and the terraces of cafes and restaurants around, offers the traveler areas to catch his breath. It’s good to take a little sun while contemplating the animation of the medina, in his daily life.

The souks and the place Jemaa el fna.

Médina de marrakech
Ambiance dans la médina

10 minutes walk to reach the heart of the medina. Three paths are possible. In this area, the decor is the most original of the medina. Shops, craftsmen, houses and authentic riads separate the space. In fact, we are in what it was in the past, one of the prosperous neighborhoods of Marrakech.

We arrive at the jamaa lefna square in the middle of the day. Attendance is less important. You can easily Make a visit of recognition, before being carried away by the alleys of the legendary souks of Marrakech.

NB: To really have a complete perception of the place Djamaa Lefna, it is preferable to visit it in two stages. Once, day and once, night. Two faces and two different shows.

Good the lunch meal.

It is very convenient to plan your lunch at the various restaurants in the square and its surroundings. Everything is there, the popular cuisine, the grills, the fast food, and the middle and high-end restaurants.

souk de marrakech
souk de marrakech

The trades in the souks are spread over different districts. The best is to make the souks in two different routes. In this way, we will have the opportunity to see different Moroccan crafts.

At the other end, we stop to visit:

  • Medersa: A masterpiece of Moorish architecture from the 15th century.
  • The koubba: The only monument of Marrakech that testifies about the period of the dynasty that built the city in 1062: The Almoravids.
  • The Museum of Marrakech: A window on the culture and history of Marrakech and Morocco in an authentic space.

In return to the square, we take advantage of the beautiful lights of the end of the day, to visit one of the unmissable monuments of Marrakech; Koutoubia and its gardens

Djamaa Lefna Square is a stone’s throw away. the opportunity to discover the other face of the place. Its open air restaurant, its Halka, lights, colors, sounds, smells … A rare and almost unique atmosphere in the world.

How long to do the sites to visit absolutely.

This itinerary is indicative, it has the advantage of being optimal for those who lack time. Feasible on foot, it will take, practically, all day for an average walker. Most operators travel to Marrakech adopt it.

If you’re in no hurry, Marrakech is among the destinations we live. Its medina is not just a place but also a culture and a way of life: sensations, colors, smells, sounds, materials and a natural spirit of welcome. There are also other beautiful places to do in the medina: The Dar Si Said Museum, the Mouassin Mosque, the Royal Palace and the Mechouers, the prestigious and historic Mamounia Hotel, Arsat Moulay Abslam Park …

How much does it cost?

How much for entry fees to the sites?

Five of the sites to visit are paying. Count 70 DH (7 €) for each.

How much for coffee?

The price of drinks on coffee terraces varies between 8dh to more than 20dh (0.8 € – 2 €). At the trade, at 6Dh you can have a coke can or a bottle of water 1.5 l.

How much to eat?

  • Popular restaurant and snacks: 40 DH and 80 DH.
  • Fast food (International brands): basic menu from 80 DH
  • Grill: 100 DH on average
  • Medium and high-end restaurant: from 150 DH to over 1000 DH. Do your research well!

How much does a guide cost in Marrakech?

For a good guide in private, it is necessary to count on average 300 DH the half-day.For an all-inclusive guided tour,see our offer or Contact Us.

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